Seasons Change

We gathered with friends and creatives to celebrate our season's end. The evening was hosted at Community in Durban and guests were treated to cake and champagne, as well as the opportunity to ignite their own creativity. Blom Creations created the hanging flower installations.

Through our three year journey, we have seen how creativity is a powerful force. It makes you think, find solutions and colours your life. But it requires perseverance and plenty of it. You may have an idea for something but following through is a whole different story. Perseverance, in turn, requires courage. You will fail, be disappointed with yourself and others, make mistakes and miss opportunities. But you can't become paralysed with fears and 'what ifs' — it's vital to keep inching forward.

We have also seen worth in creatives taking themselves seriously. Value what you create, be professional in your creative endeavours, always aim for excellence and deliver above expectations. It is such a pleasure to work with creatives that value themselves, and thus what they have created.

In your journeys, support each other. It's ok to criticize but don't break each other down. Celebrate the good in what others have created. In saying that, we must mention Community, a host, and a facilitator of creativity. It is not an easy role to take on, nor is it one taken seriously by some, but it gives life to those around it and is so critical in building a healthy community. We all need to support places like this and build into them.

Thank you to everyone who has built into this dream: loved ones, mentors, interns and all our creative friends. We hope these experiences were fun, beneficial and helped you with whatever you needed.

Like life, creativity works in seasons and through letting go there can be life again. Times of transition and change build experiences and create opportunities to learn something new. We have to tell ourselves not to be afraid and rather lean into the uncomfortableness of whatever is next; to find the beauty of each season and see it's value.

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Seasonschange  1 of 1 Vanilla Cake, Spiced Chai Grapefruit Loaf, Pear and Chocolate Cake and Flower and Herb Butter.
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Seasonschange  1 of 1  3Photograph by Community and flower installation by Blom Creations.
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Seasonschange  53 of 64 Meg and Chloe of Conteu standing in front of an exhibition of ViewPoint Artists.
Seasonschange  57 of 64 Guests were given the opportunity to ignite their own creativity.
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Seasonschange  2 of 64 Photograph by Community.
Seasonschange  4 of 64 Tyla of Blom Creations with a flower tattoo.
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Seasonschange  9 of 64 Applying flower tattoos. Photograph by Community.