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In today's fast moving and interconnected world, pockets of dynamic spaces can be found on almost every corner, something MYŪZU artfully captured for this month's MOBILE SPACES cover image. The stories gathered for this issue are inspired by spaces that encourage movement and progression in some way.

Nomadic traveller, Gustav Reyneke, shares his unique experience of living a mobile life. Without a place to call ‘home’ he has learnt to ‘live in the now’ and believes he has a richer life because of it. You can read more of his interesting tale in the story 'Nomadic Living'.

The story ‘Indivisible cities’ shared by South African photographer, Chris da Canha, explores how cities – a symbol for growth and energy – and its occupants move and grow together. A fascinating photo essay set in South Korea that surveys how as towers spiral ever higher, so too do aspirations soar.

Whether we recognise it or not we all have to be flexible in our workspace. Visual storytellers, Matanna Katz and Liese Kuhn of ‘Ethereal Bound Journal’, share their story behind their business and how they move viewers along the narrative.

And lastly, our lovely intern, Danielle van Meter, investigated an architect’s design to connect people through a movable coffee cart. This concept design encapsulates a home as well as a shop front in one transportable unit.

Constantly moving may be exhausting, but to settle on immobility is to stagnate. Instead, we hope these stories stimulate you to embrace an ever-changing world of possibility; for to be in motion is to be alive.

Yours in creativity,

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