Where else can so many people go to pursue their dreams and passion, but the city? The wild and sprawling collection of streets and buildings converge into a singular desire, a life grown better daily, improvement perpetually realised. On a daily basis, opportunity and diversity result in a communal sense of energy and hope for the future. Progression of the city begets progression of the individual, and as towers spiral ever higher, so too do aspirations soar. The city and its occupants move and grow together, dependently.

It should be remembered that this growth is built on the back of demise. To forget the fallen mortar and masonry of the city’s past is akin to forgetting the selves we destroyed through our maturity and development. To ignore this thought is an act of wilful indifference that diminishes the level of growth that can be attained.

A city that appreciates its history, and maintains its artifacts into the future, ensures both its authenticity and the protection of its members still anchored to those dwindling and broken areas. Similarly, as we recognise the people we were and preserve what was good about them, we will develop and grow, as mobile and expansive as the city around us.
Images for this photo essay were collected from Banpo-dong (drone images) and Yeomni-dong, a razed community in Seoul, South Korea. The area is under destruction to make way for new high-rise apartment blocks. Some residents have refused to leave, and remain living in the neighbourhood, in a precarious situation.

Chris da Canha | is a South African skateboarder and photographer living in Seoul, South Korea. He works primarily in the fashion and travel industries, and shoots the streets for fun.

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