These are the words we occasionally use to describe tiny spaces. Either: occupied or unoccupied, full or empty, cluttered or hollow, messy or neat, positive or negative, covered or uncovered… Bounded by these limitations and conditions, we ask ourselves why we set boundaries for spaces we live and work in while dreams are boundless.

Once we've stripped away this understanding, by plunging a hammer through the walls we have created in our minds, we can start to look at tiny spaces with new eyes and explore the possibilities that exist in them.

Through a curated collection of objects and forms we explored the beauty that comes from creatively breaking away from boundaries to manipulate the spaces around us. This unusual handling of a confined space proves that there’s still mystery and a story to be uncovered.
Location: Mulberry & Prince
Creative Conceptualisation & Styling : MYŪZU - Lana Fredericks
Photographer : Gabriella Achadinha
Make- up Artist : Toni Olver Designs
Model: Frances Marais
Clothing: Stylist’s own + NINA Handmade Clothing and Decor

M Y Ū Z U | directly translated from Japanese, means “MUSE”. M Y Ū Z U’s storyline, wrote itself in conversation on route to the picturesque Swartland region, in early 2015. With a backbone within the event industry, Lana Fredericks endeavoured to challenge the commonality of decor design within events, while pushing the idea of Installation Art and Design towards other industries as well. The brand has since been defined by focusing its skill set on four main genres of design: Installation Art and Design, Botanical Styling, Creative Conceptualisation and Visual Presentation.

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