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We're searching for stories that ignite the creative in all of us. Until the end of the year we’ll be exploring an overarching theme, SPACES. We find ourselves in different spaces all the time: areas, gaps, pockets of this, expanses of that. Some spaces are defined by walls and others by mindset. In the following months we are looking to uncover the stories that spark creative thinking in the myriad of different spaces that surround us everyday. We’re interested in the unexpected and seemingly ordinary tales from across disciplines and industries: interviews, profiles, case studies, photo essays, illustrations and thought pieces. If it makes you look at the world through a different lens and it inspires, empowers or challenges you, we want to hear about it. We will be narrowing in on the following spaces:

October: Vast spaces | submissions closed
November: Quiet spaces | submissions close 2 October 2017
December: Shared spaces | submissions close 30 October 2017

For more information on how to submit a story, please download the following guide;